Our vision is to create Eldership in Australia by 2020.

By “create Eldership”, we mean that Eldership is healthy, functional, recognisable in all aspects of our culture and making a genuine contribution to the way we live.

We think this can happen if hundreds of locally-generated Eldership projects spring up all over the country and slowly take effect. (And we think this is better than having one body or agency driving it and one definition of Eldership).

We’re defining an “eldership project” as any initiative that draws on the Eldership qualities of older people and actively applies them.

This website has several purposes:

  • To offer some ideas about the qualities and roles of Elders and encourage further discussion
  • To show you how other people’s Eldership projects are working
  • To inspire you to create your own Eldership project
  • To support you if you choose to do so
  • To network the people who are driving the projects – for encouragement, support and ideas
  • To connect projects with resources
  • To be a contact point for the media

The Eldership Project website and this vision come from Andrew Horabin and Janet Foreman at Horabin Company. The content of this website comes from hundreds of contributors, to whom we’re grateful.

Contact: info@theeldershipproject.com


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What is an Eldership Project

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